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How to use the app without internet?

Our IIMMPACT apps are designed to work both online and offline basis. In the event, where you do not have internet connection, IIMMPACT would operate in offline mode (sms).



  • Your current mobile number and the registered mobile number on IIMMPACT app must match.
  • You must be connected to the internet for the first time so IIMMPACT could retrieve and pull all products information. 


How to use the app without internet?

1. Simply tap on "Topup" when you're connected to the internet so all products info will be retrieved and stored. No further action is needed. 

2. In the event where there is no internet connection tap on "Use offline mode"

3. The app now operates on offline mode with limited functionality. 

4. You can topup as usual by tapping on "Topup" menu and request would automatically be sent via SMS.