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How to upgrade RDS database?

It's time to upgrade your server when

You're getting error sql timeout

This is a critical issue and is usually caused by high read/write IOPS in which RDS no longer have the resource capability to handle such a massive workload. Monitor your otomax server for 2 -3 days and if you're still getting sql timeout, then it is time to upgrade RDS



When upgrading RDS database, expert 15 minutes - 1 hour of downtime depending on your database size.


How to upgrade RDS database?

1. Login to RDS https://ap-southeast-1.console.aws.amazon.com/rds/home?region=ap-southeast-1#dbinstances:

2. Select the instance > "Action" > "Modify"

3. Under "Db instance class", upgrade to the next server spec. More info on RDS pricing https://aws.amazon.com/rds/sqlserver/pricing/


4. Click "Continue"

5. Click "Apply Immediately" "Modify db instance"