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How to level up?

Turn your everyday shopping into more savings and rewards. Every time you level up, we give you an additional lifetime 0.2% prepaid topup discount

How many levels are there?

There is 10 levels where level 1 is the lowest and level 10 is the highest. We also have Enterprise plan for business users with a minimum RM300k monthly commitment.


To level up you need:

  • Exp Points
  • Invite Friends

1. For every topup or bill payment transaction that you purchase, you receive 1 exp point. There is no expiry on your points so it always accumulate.

2. Whenever a user sign up using your referral link, automatically they will be your friends and you can earn up to 1.8% commission whenever they make a purchase.

3. When you completed the quest, level up button will be enabled.

4. You receive an additional 0.2% prepaid discount whenever you level up


Level Requirement

The table below highlights the requirement to upgrade to the next level. 



Level No of transaction No of friends
Level 2 5 1
Level 3 10 3
Level 4 50 5
Level 5 150 10
Level 6 400 15
Level 7 1,000 20
Level 8 3,000 25
Level 9 8,000 30
Level 10 15,000 40


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