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Enterprise plan

Who is this for?

You must be a registered company with average monthly sales above RM100k. Enterprise plan offers the highest discount rate. Click here to see the rate


Enterprise plan is a whitelabel solution, where you'll have your own brand/company name. It gives the user the impression that you actually own all of this. You'll be provided with a server to manage and monitor your user, manage transaction, manage bank deposit (All deposit goes into your company account directly), handle live chat, handle incoming calls and etc.


How much does it cost?

No annual fee, no monthly fee, no setup fee. Just pay as you go - we charge per transaction basis at RM0.03/push credits sent via IIMMPACT apps


Software Demo

See here for our software demo before purchasing

1. Open the start menu and type Remote Desktop and open Remote Desktop Connection

2. Enter demo.iimmpact.com under "Computer" and click connect


3. Key in the following credentials

Username: demo

Pass: demo1234



4. Click on "Otomax" icon to launch the software


For more info see our product brochure