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How to Topup Using Pidgin?

Drop us an email at support@iimmpact.com if you wish to gain access to our beta chatbot, 

1. First download Pidgin software

2. Next click on Accounts > Manage Accounts



3. Input the following credentials and click Add

Protocol: XMPP

Username: Provided by iimmpact

Domain: chat.iimmpact.com

Password: Provided by iimmpact




4. Click on Buddies >  New Instant Message


5. Input apps@chat.iimmpact.com under Name column


6. Next you'll see this box. To topup simply type the message below

Format: S.[PhoneNo].[ProductCode].[Amount]

EG: S.0123456789.C.10


7. Done! Receive topup in less than 15 seconds.