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How to change primary account?

Primary account is your default payment method. Each primary account is connected to different companies. Think of it like Ebay, Lelong, Lazada and 11street. In this scenario the primary account is like different seller from different companies.


What's the purpose of primary account?

We allow Enterprise and business user to list and sell their products on IIMMPACT platform. Products might differ for different companies. Also you have a separate e-wallet balance as your account is linked to the respective company directly.


How do I add new primary account?

You do not have access to add new primary account. To do so, you need to contact the respective company to create an account for you.


How to change primary account?

1. In the home screen, swipe left once

2. Tap on "Set primary account"

3. Select your preferred account. This setting can be change anytime